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Well, he says that he knew every answer! Typed 3 pages in fact. How good is that!
He is very happy and confident and we are over the moon!
Thank you so much for all your time and patience.
We did it, we all did it!

Kind regards, from the ecstatic Pope family!

I think your programs are great for the child’s confidence. It works very well because it starts with the basics and builds from there. James has improved in his concentration and ability to get information for his projects.

Jodie, mother of Year 7 student

We love your tutoring program best because you mix it up so nicely with a little bit of everything. Albert’s writing has definitely improved.

Bernadette, mother of Grade 1 boy

This is a wonderful achievement for Nicholas in any circumstances, but especially given his very limited capacity to embrace the demands of VCE English and study in general.  Just for him to have sat the exam was an amazing achievement for you both.  I believe a study score of 20 is something to be very proud of.  Scores are relative to individual circumstances and Nicholas’ situation is most unique.  Congratulations to you both!!

Ros Pretlove, Head of Wellbeing, Marian College

We have been thrilled with the work you have done with Sam over the last year. Thankyou for your help and patience with her when she was trying to cope with the school ‘issues’. Getting the times tables down pat has made school life much easier for Sam.

Sally, mother of Grade 5 student

He can work out the value of money now and is able to add things in his head where he couldn’t before. Ian has done wonders in the weeks he has been teaching Robbie.

Taylor, mother of Year 9 boy

Comments from students at the Year 11 Youth Leadership Workshop at Moama Anglican Grammar School:

“My favourite part was probably the importance of what we had to say. We’ve done other workshops that were about what others had to say. But today was really about our opinions and how we felt and what we felt we could do better.”

“It was funny and engaging but we still learnt a lot. Being able to hear what other people find hard was good and learning new skills that I can use to lead others.”

“I enjoyed all of the different aspects that were discussed such as individual, group and around the world leadership. I also enjoyed the short movie clips.”

“I enjoyed how relaxed it was and how open we could be. It was fun and we laughed a lot. I have gained the ‘secrets’ of public speaking and how to approach new people and how to talk to them”

“I enjoyed all aspects and the fact that we could contribute. It was learning in a safe and supportive environment. You were fantastic.”

The comparison of videos of the different types of speeches was good.”

“Hearing everyone’s opinions about leadership and learning and how I can impart my knowledge and previous experience to others.”