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Parents Resources

Welcome to the Parents Sign Up Room

This is where for just $24.55 you can access a large range of worksheets, creative activities, display posters and resources specifically designed for you to use with your kids for a whole year.

You’ll receive access to our Parents vault of resources and information including:

  • 100+ pages
  • Australian Curriculum compliant
  • Resources, creative activities, games, wall displays designed for kids
  • Information on lots of school/kid related topics written specifically for parents
  • Some help products so that you can help your child at home. For example our best selling book, ‘Why Your Kid Can’t Spell … and what you can do about it’ comes to you as part of our Parent member resources
  • Lots of information about parenting such as ‘Positive parenting’ and our information sheets on conditions such as ADHD, OCD, autism etc.
  • 12 months access from the day you sign up
  • Instant download of resources ready to go


$24.55 / month Sign Up Now